What is orgonite?

Orgonite is a compound of materials discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich to balance and harmonize the bio-energy, or what is sometimes referred to as chi or prana. The mixture of organic and inorganic materials with quartz crystal structures attracts the surrounding frequencies, balances them, and then repels them back into the atmosphere. The results of which can be felt in various areas of life, including better sleep, more mental clarity, better focus, less mood swings, and decreased exposure to harmful EMF waves.

How much area does one orgonite piece cover?

Each orgonite piece possesses the same balancing qualities, but larger pieces have a wider range. Smaller pieces, or what we call Personal Pieces, are intended to be kept on or near your person (Phone Stones, Energy Bars, Balancing Cubes, Calming Circles). The larger the piece (like one of our Flowers) the more area is covered. For instance, for an average family home one extra large piece centrally located and several smaller pieces for each room or inidividual will provide the most benefit.

How do I take care of my orgonite?

When you get your orgonite it is recommended to cleanse it of any energy picked up along it’s travels. You can do this in several ways. Simply holding the piece in your hands and expressing your intention will transmute the energy and cleanse the piece. You can also place your orgonite in the sun or moonlight to cleanse and charge. Be careful not to leave your piece in direct sunlight too long as this can compromise the resin and cause discoloration and breakdown. Holding your piece under running water is another effeftive way to cleanse, just be sure not to fully submerge or soak your piece(s).

How long does orgonite last?

Orgonite is long lasting and when cared for appropriately it can last a lifetime. The components in the piece will not lose their qualities, but over time the resin may become discolored and depending on the environment breakdown of the resin may start to occur over long periods of time.

What is Elderberry Elixir?

WWR Elderberry elixir is made using organic ingredients, many locally and home grown herbs, and raw unfiltered honey or organic agave. It can be taken daily to help maintain wellness or doses can be increased to help fight off colds and flus. Elderberries provice many benefits in addition to immune modulating, like glucose regulation, inflammation reduction, constipation relief, and support for overall homeostasis.

How many servings are in a jar?

Each jar contains 16 ounces of elixir, approximately 96 adult size servings.

Does it have an expiration date?

Due to the handmade, natural qualities of the product it is recommended that you refrigerate your elixir as soon as it arrives. When kept refrigerated your jar will last up to 3 months. It is recommended that you shake the jar periodically, especially if you are not taking it daily. Sediment will settle at the bottom of the jar and can ferment faster if not aggitated regularly.

Are there side effects or risks of taking too much?

Elderberry elixir is very safe and does not contain any harmful ingredients. If higher doses are consumed there is a chance of diarrhea.

WWR Elderberry Elixir *with honey* is only recommended for children 1 year and up.