Cosmic Connections 101


Sure, you know your sun sign, but that’s like having the border of the puzzle finished and expecting to know what image you’re looking at. You may be able to deduce some of the picture, but you’re missing entire aspects that would really help you see what the complete puzzle is. Our birth charts are like the puzzle. Learning the placement of the cosmos at the time and place of your birth can give astounding insight to your character and help you to find reassurance and wisdom on your spiritual journey.

This 5 day course will explore your personal Cosmic Connections and help you unpack why you are the way you are and help you learn to utilize those qualities for growth and expansion.

Course includes a Personal Birth Chart Analysis, Reflective Journal Prompts, Daily Facebook Live Videos, Individualized Cosmic Growth Tools in a small private Facebook group setting. Gain a stronger connection to your self and a deeper understanding of your cosmic blueprint.

Register by November 30 to receive your complementary course material and bonus gift!

*Must know date, time, and place of birth for chart analysis. Please submit this information in the notes section during checkout.

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