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These silk sea sponges are the perfect natural, eco friendly alternative to mainstream period products. No processing with harmful chemicals, no mystery materials, just naturally grown, ethically harvested, hand processed goods for your most sacred body part. Sea sponges provide the same protection as a tampon or menstrual cup, but their shape and light structure make set them apart and can even help to reduce cramps and discomfort.

Light flow pack comes with 3 small sponges. Heavy flow pack comes with 2 slightly larger sponges.

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Our Sea Sponges are harvested right here in Florida. Never processed with bleach or harmful chemicals or dyes, these sponges are a wonderful natural alternative to life-less, synthetic sponges. Sea sponges contain the energy of the ocean and help to maintain the connection with the natural world.

Sponges pictured are for example only. Each sponge is unique and measured by density, appearance may vary slightly.

Sponges last about 3-6 months of regular use. Proper rinsing and storing of your sponge(s) will prolong their life.

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