Welcome to Wild Wellness Revival, where the focus is finding health through the natural world.

The Revival was cultivated out of a deep need to find and attune to the high vibrational offerings of Mother Earth and help to revive the holistic philosophies of our Ancestors.

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Meet Caitlyn, the maker behind the scenes here at Wild Wellness Revival. Cait is a Registered Nurse and nature enthusiast. Growing up in Northeast Florida, in the coastal treasure trove of history, medicine, and magic, instilled a deep appreciation for and connection to the land. After becoming a nurse it became apparent that much of the philosophies she believed to be embodied by nursing had been abandoned by the American Medical Association and were almost nonexistent in the mainstream medical world. Pairing her love and knowledge of nature with the education and skills of her nursing career she began creating herbal aids and sharing “alternative” wellness resources. Over the years Caitlyn has continued her study of herbal application, incorporating energetic/frequency wellness, spiritual connection, mindset mastery, biohacking, and so much more, offering a truly holistic outlook. These “alternatives” are more accurately labeled “revived originals” as they stem from ancient modalities and practices used since the beginning of time. This concept is where the name and mission for the business was born.