Sacred Salt

Salt is a vital nutrient for human existence. It is needed in the body to maintain fluid levels, support muscle and tissue health, and for proper nerve function. It helps maintain healthy blood pressure, heart function, neurological system, and supports overall homeostasis. But what kind of salt you use matters.

Most table salts are highly processed, stripped of all their benefit, and then “fortified” with added synthetic compounds. It not only makes no sense, but this can also cause issues when consumed regularly because the body is not able to properly absorb and utilize the salt/added compounds. This can lead to deficiencies and/or toxicities as compounds from these salt products accumulate, block receptors, and confuse the body.

Naturally occurring salt, like sea salt, provides the body with bioavailable compounds that the body can readily absorb and put to use, in the way our bodies are created to. It’s almost as if God’s design is divine and we’ve been provided with exactly what we need to thrive. Sea salt contains sodium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, bromine, iodine, zinc, iron, copper, and silica.

Our sea salt, Sacred Salt, is ethically sourced from nature, processed in small batches for optimal quality control, and jarred up by hand with love and intention. There is nothing comparable to this salt. Our salty captain, Justin, is a fourth generation fisherman and defense contractor, by trade.

In 2021 he stumbled into a new adventure making salt and has spent the past year perfecting his craft and establishing the foundation for these incredible offerings. We are so excited to bring you this amazing salt and continue to add to our salty lineup. Click below to shop!

Here is a little science on the matter: