Wild Wellness Revival Elderberry Plant

Elderberries are potent little fruits known as immune modulators. What this means is they help your immune system to function in the most appropriate way and offer support to the body while the immune system does it’s job. Elderberries are not only super flu fighters, but they’re also shown to reduce inflammation, alleviate respiratory issues, balance blood sugar, improve digestive health, support blood pressure, and more! These little berries are truly incredible!

One question I get a lot is if people should only take elderberry during the “flu season”. The first thing we should recognize, flu does not truly have a season. What we do have are seasons with less vitamin D (sunshine), less fresh air and activity (it’s cold and we stay indoors more often), and holidays overrun with sugary treats and stress. THAT is what creates a good environment for flu viruses, or any other funky bugs, to thrive. So, what does that mean for your elderberry consumption? Do you only need it during the cold months?

The short answer, you can take elderberry all the time. The longer answer is, elderberries are packed full of nutrients, antioxidants, powerful immune boosting compounds and are extremely beneficial when used as a part of a regular health regimen. While the threat of sickness isn’t quite as imminent during the spring/summer months, your body still benefits big time from getting natural support.

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