Necklace-Leopard Jasper Shield


Leopard Jasper is a stone of confidence and strength. Symbolic of the duality the calm, quiet, peaceful side of the leopard and the other fierce, strong, aggressive hunter side. This stone boosts inner confidence and encourages bold, yet thoughtful moves.

These necklace are approximately 16 inches with a nickel free lobster clasp.

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Wild Wellness Revival Crystal Pieces bring balance to your space and help bring harmful energy/EMF to a healthy vibration. All crystals possess the same foundational properties but they each hold unique individual qualities, as well. Crystals should be cleansed and charged periodically to support their longevity. Sunlight, moonlight, and water are some of the most common ways to cleanse and charge your pieces, however be mindful that some crystals should not be submerged or sit in the sun very long as it can alter the composition of the stone. Our crystal charging jars can also be used to cleanse and charge your smaller crystals by just placing them inside for a little while. We have a crystal directory with some of our favorites stones spotlighted. This list is live and added to weekly.


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