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Nomad Collection Subscription (Monthly)

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Introducing The Nomad Collection subscription. Each month small batches of exclusive handcrafted sea salt from surprise locations all across the country will be released in our Nomad Collection. Subscribing guarantees you a jar of this limited quantity salt (and trust us, you want some). Every area of coastline produces salt with unique flavor profiles thanks to the vast environmental diversity of our planet. These distinctive differences are exceptionally valuable for fresh, innovative culinary applications.

But that’s not where the magic ends. In our endeavor to honor the rich history of these incredible locations we will be spotlighting forgotten stories from the past related to each area. These stories will weave together to awaken a long line of lost history.

The Nomad Subscription will arrive in a custom branded box containing an exclusive jar of Nomad Collection sea salt along with additional items related to the featured location. Each month the contents of the box will vary, ensuring an exciting surprise with every delivery.



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