Sacred Salt

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This Sea Salt is the purest, highest quality salt you’ve ever had. Collected from the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of NE Florida and SE Georgia, processed by hand with love and intention, you will not find better salt. Flavor your favorite meal, add it to your bath, use as a topical exfoliant, and replenish those vital minerals.

Comes in 4oz glass jar with cork top. Sea Salt is an incredible compound that is vital to biological life. However, most salts on the market are subpar, at best, and in some cases can even be harmful. This Sea Salt is the most concentrated and cleanest salt around. It’s applications and uses are endless and we guarantee you will love it.

*Salt is made to order. Production time varies between 5 and 10 days depending on order volumes. We appreciate your patience as we process things as quickly as our methods allow. Jars may vary in shape.

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4 reviews for Sacred Salt

  1. Lauri Bowen-Vaccare (verified owner)

    I love this product! I keep a variety of sea salts and finishing salts on hand and this one stays right up front, as my new go to! It has a nice fresh, crisp saltiness to it, but doesn’t overpower the dish.

    • admin

      Thank you, Lauri! We are so glad you are enjoying your sea salt!

  2. Danielle

    What a perfect conscious addition to my life. Pure salt with healing minerals is so hard to find and Wild Wellness Revival offers it at such a great price. Compared to store bought which contains glass and “additives” which can be anything these days, it not only tastes amazing but makes me feel great too! Grateful for Wild Wellness Revival and their healing products ✨

    • admin

      Thank you so much, Danielle! We love hearing how much you love the salt and how intentional you are with your choices. We are so happy to be able to provide you with ethically created, sustainably sourced products you love!

  3. Cori Cambanes

    I absolutely love this salt. I’ve been trying to make changes in everything we consume and salt was a big one. This salt is amazing and I love how it enhances my dishe. I’m going to be ordering more in larger quantities soon to use in my self care products I make because I’m so highly impressed with not only the quality but the high vibration and intentions put into this product. Highly recommended.

    • admin

      Thank you so much, Cori! We are so glad you are enjoying the salt! Please reach out when younare ready to buy larger amounts and we will make sure we get you taken care of.

  4. Mary N (verified owner)

    This salt is really amazing!! I switched to the pink salt years ago and now I’m switching again. Caitlyn’s salt tastes sooo much better, you’ll understand why it was once currency in ancient times. This makes iodized salt taste awful. I’m honestly blown away by the difference. 10/10

    • admin

      We are so happy you are loving the salt! Thank you for the kind words!

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