Storefront Fund

I am not great at asking for help and tend to be independent to a fault, but as I have grown as a woman and a business owner I have come to realize that to truly rise to the level I want to operate at I need to ask for help. So I am swallowing my fiery aries pride and graciously asking for your assistance in making this dream a reality.

I have an opportunity to purchase a storefront in a nearby historic district that is absolutely perfect for my business. It is also large enough to host workshops and homeschool classes. My plan was to try to lease it, but when I contacted the owner he wanted to sell. For a second I let myself accept that as defeat, but the more I thought about it the more I realized this is an opportunity, not a roadblock. So my brain has been working overtime to figure a way to come up with enough of a down payment to purchase this perfect little shop. My business is currently at a bit of a stand still because of limited space while living in an RV(hence the need for a shop), so increasing my sales is not exactly a feasible option at the moment, until I get more indoor work space. So I’ve been praying for ideas, for a door to open, for something to spark, when I saw a post from a friend that seemed like a genius idea!

Between my incredible customers, my amazing social media supporters, I am blessed with a tribe of uplifters and helpers, if each person found it in their heart to donate a dollar I would have more than enough for the down payment.

Making this shift would give me the means to overcome so many of the obstacles and limitations I am having with my business and allow me to take things to the next level to serve more people. My dream is to also be able to offer employment to a handful of women, and to have a space for gathering for homeschool meetups, workshops, book clubs, and more. There is also a loft above the store that I plan to use for temporary housing for women leaving abusive situations.

If this is something you feel it in your heart to support, I am graciously accepting donations through Venmo, PayPal, and CashApp. Little by little a little becomes a lot. Every bit counts and is equally appreciated!