Tips for More Peace & Presence

We could always use a little more Peace & Presence in our lives

Here are some useful tips to help you with just that!

Sense List

A sense list is a list of things you can see, hear, smell, touch, and taste. In moments of anxiousness or when you’re feeling dissociated, listing off a Sense List can help bring you back to the present moment and give you peace through feeling more connected to your surroundings. Sometimes you may be in a situation where you can’t list something for all five senses and that’s ok. The idea is to ground yourself by finding things you can tangibly experience. If there is a moment where you are struggling to find the good around you simply list what your favorite things to experience for each sense are. What’s your favorite thing to see, to smell, to taste? This is a quick and easy tool to help bring peace and presence to any moment no matter where you are.

Sound Therapy

We are energetic beings, vibrating at various frequencies. Sound helps to bring balance and grounding to those frequencies. If you’re looking for a little extra peace and presence, put on some calm music. Listening to music can help relax our nervous system and melt away our worries and fears. Take it to another level and sing and dance along with the music and you will find an even deeper peace and more connected presence. Sound frequency is so beneficial, so don’t be afraid to explore crystal singing bowls, bells, flutes, drums, chimes, etc. There are specific frequencies that help to balance each specific chakra and different tones coordinated with different body systems. The world of music is vast and plentiful. Let your intuition guide you to a world of music you have never experienced or revisit some old time favorites. Your body, mind, and soul will appreciate the sounds.


Affirmations are statements you make to/about something to help you visualize and align with that mindset. Our mind will believe whatever we tell it. So focusing on telling it positive, affirming statements paves the way for us to walk that path. I like to focus my affirmations on whatever area/emotion/chakra I feel need the most attention or do a series of affirmations that cover all seven major chakras.

  • Root-I AM
  • Sacral-I FEEL
  • Solar Plexus-I CAN
  • Heart-I LOVE
  • Throat-I SPEAK
  • Third Eye-I SEE
  • Crown-I KNOW

Repeating these statements starts to retrain and reframe your mind to think in a positive way and counteracts the negative self talk that so many of us have been programmed with. Surround yourself with uplifting words of encouragement and statements of empowerment and you will start to feel aligned with the words you speak and hear. Do them when you wake up in the morning, looking at yourself in the mirror, letting the words sink deep. If you want them to really get in there and make an impact sing them! That’s right, singing them will engage your brain even more and imprint your words deep into your psyche where they will continue to grow and thrive as you continue to shower them with more loving words.

Breath Work

Breath work is a simple tool that can be used in practically any environment. Breath work helps not only to relax the body and bring more peace, but it also helps to quiet the mind and allows us to become more present in the moment. There are a variety of different techniques, so for today I will focus on two of my favorites, Box Breathing and Alternating Nostril Breathing. First, Box Breathing. This technique, as it sounds, is breathing in a “box” formation. Inhale 4 seconds, hold 4 second, exhale 4 seconds, hold 4 seconds, inhale 4 seconds, so on. Repeat this for as many cycles as you desire, even one or two cycles is enough to help relax the nervous system and bring your awareness to now. The second technique, Alternate Nostril Breathing, requires a little more thought, and thus facilitates even more peace and presence. Using your thumb and ring finger of your dominant hand, use your thumb to cover the coordinating nostril (right thumb covers right nostril). Inhale nice and deep and when you get to the top of your breath use your ring finger to cover your second nostril, keeping both nostrils closed for a few seconds. Then release your thumb and exhale out of that nostril. Inhale through that same nostril, place thumb back over nostril, hold for several second, release ring finger and exhale through the open nostril. Inhale again and continue repeating as many times a desired. This focused technique almost forces one to forget anything but the present moment.


Meditation will provide you with a deeper peace and presence than pretty much any other tool. It is a practice, so don’t be discouraged in the beginning if you feel like you’re “not doing it right”. You are. You will learn to surrender deeper as you continue to show up for yourself and become more familiar with true peace and presence. There are guided meditations you can find online or you can just find a quiet place to relax and guide yourself through. The idea is to quiet the outside world and focus on the here, the now, your existence in the current moment. Let the world, the thoughts, the noise, all fall away. If you have trouble relaxing, that’s ok and very common. Try envisioning your body relaxing little by little starting with your toes, moving to your feet, and ankles, your calves and knees, up to your thighs and hips, your spine and shoulders, all the way up to your head. Do this slowly, focusing on allowing each part of your body to let go and fully relax. Breathe deeply and fully as you scan over your body. The point is to find peace and be present. Do not worry about accomplishing anything or remembering anything. There is no wrong way, no mistakes, just awareness. Incorporate these other tools into your meditation practice for an even more amplified experience.

Take what resonates from these tips and apply it to your life however you feel best serves you. Adapt these tools to fit your individual needs and explore where these ideas further lead you.