Gua Sha Stone


Gua Sha stones are made from genuine crystals. Used for face, neck, and body massage to relieve tension, reduce inflammation, eliminate fluid retention, and support vibrant, healthy skin.

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Gua sha massage dates back to a Chinese medical text on illness from 220 BC. It is common tool of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been evidenced to increase circulation, detoxification, tight muscle relaxation, and healing. Gua means to stroke or press, and Sha refers to redness.

·Improves Lymphatic Drainage

·Increases Collagen Production

·Lifts & Tightens Skin

·Decreases Fluid Retention & Inflammation

·Improves Texture of Skin

·Relieves Tension & Discomfort

·Versatile Uses


All stones are 100% natural, pollution free, ethically mined and crafted. Stones are recommended for adult use and only for intended purposes of massage and body therapy. Not designed to treat, heal, or cure anything. Use at your own risk.

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Crystal Type

Rose Quartz, Black Obsidian, Green Aventurine


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