Sacred Salt Wave Spray


The Sea Salt Wave Spray adds volume and texture while softening and nourishing your hair. Made with the highest quality locally harvested sea salt, avocado oil, and essential oils. Comes in 8oz glass spray bottle.



About Our Sea Salt:

This Sea SaltSea Salt is the purest, highest quality salt you’ve ever had. Collected from the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of NE Florida and SE Georgia, processed by hand with love and intention, you will not find better salt. Flavor your favorite meal, add it to your bath, use as a topical exfoliant, and replenish those vital minerals.


Comes in 8oz glass bottle with sprayer. Sea Salt is an incredible compound that is vital to biological life. However, most salts on the market are subpar, at best, and in some cases can even be harmful. This Sea Salt is the most concentrated and cleanest salt around. It’s applications and uses are endless and we guarantee you will love it.

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